Portable Restrooms (Porta Johns)


Standard Restroom

$225 including delievery

Each rest room is self contained & comes equipped with a toilet, urinal and a fully stocked toilet paper dispenser.

It also features a lockable door with in-use indicator for privacy, a vent pipe for proper ventilation and a 60-gal holding tank for maximum usage.


Deluxe Restroom with Sink

$425 including delivery

This Restroom comes complete with a sink, running water sink, soap dispenser and paper towel holder for quick and efficient hand washing.

The restroom has a toilet (no urinal) and is ideal for all your events, where hand washing is preferred.

This unit is also fully self-contained, meaning it doesn’t require access to a fresh water source.

It will be delivered to your site fully charged and ready to use.


ADA Approved Restroom

 $250 including delivery

The ADA Approved Portable Restroom is equipped with an oversized self-closing door for easy access, a flat-floor design which allows wheelchairs to roll in and out, a 360° turn radius inside the unit for wheelchair maneuverability, three strategically positioned handrails for those with special needs and a toilet paper dispenser that is installed for simple end-user operation.

They also feature a lockable door with an “In Use” indicator, a vent pipe for proper ventilation and a 72 gallon holding tank capacity for maximum usage. ADA Portable Restrooms have become increasingly popular to ensure maximum accessibility to accommodate most portable restroom users.

These large and spacious restrooms were specifically designed to meet and exceed the American Disability Association’s portable restroom guidelines.

Handwashing Stations


Washing Stations can be a great addition to your special event restroom order.

Whether planning a carnival, marathon, private party or even a wedding reception your guests will appreciate knowing there is a safe place for them to properly wash and sanitize their hands.

 The Special Event Portable Handwash Sink is a completely self-contained unit with a 22-gallon freshwater tank and a 24-gallon wastewater tank. This equates to about 225 washes per sink.  

Hand Washing Stations come fully stocked with water, soap, and paper towels.

NEW! Economy Duel (2 sinks) Handwashing station.  Includes water, soap, and paper towels.  $149




Luxury 2-8 Station Restroom Coaches available.  Call (732) 462-7799 for additional information

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