Red Carpet/Crowd Control/Stanchions

VIP, RED Carpet Events

All Red Carpets are 4′ wide premium grade

Stanchions, Crowd & Line Control

Rental times to be determined for each event – Delivery additional based on location

For more information, Call Mr. Happy at (732) 462-7799

checkRed Carpet only 12′ $75 • 8′ $50 • 20′ $100

checkStanchions only (Black), with retractable 6′ strap, Crowd Control, $15/each.  

checkRed Carpet (12′) with 6 stanchions (retractable), $150

checkRed Carpet (12′) with 6 stanchions (retractable) and Hostess/interviewing, $399

checkSilver Stanchions, $16/each, Red Ropes, $7/each


Red Carpet with HOST and stantions, email Red Carpet with HOST interviewing, email



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