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Pricing based on a 1-day rental

Table & Chair Delivery Fee is based on Driveway, Garage,

Street Level Delivery. 

A minimum delivery fee does apply*

Additional Fee will apply if other.  Set up, Take Down Additional



4’ Children’s Table (48″x 24″)

Seats 6-8

$7/each, Set with 8 chairs, $22

6’ Banquet Table (72″x30″)

Seats 6-8

6 foot rectangular banquet table


8’ Banquet Table (96″x30″)

Seats 8-10

8 foot rectangular banquet table


30”Round Cocktail Tables

(Sitting or 42″ Standing height)

$10/each (linen not included)

48” Round

Tables, Seats 6-7



60” Round

Tables, Seats 8-10



Seminar Conference Table (96″x18″)



Cocktail Tables/Stretch Linen

Ask About Under Lights

Oval Table Seats 8-10

$14 (chairs & cloth addtional)


Stretch Linens for Standing Cocktail Tables


60” Tables with Umbrellas

$36 for Set: Table, Umbrella, Base & Kwik Cover


Kwik Covers, Easy, No clips/tape required

$6.75/7.75 each



Linens for 60″ Round Tables:

Wind Resistant Vinyl Covers $6.75-7.75/each

90” rounds, $13/each (hangs 1/2 way)

120” rounds, $19/each (hangs to floor)



Click here for Color Chart

Linens for 6′ & 8′ rectangle tables:

Wind Resistant Vinyl Covers $6.75-7.75/each

60”x120”, $13/each (hangs 1/2 way)

90”x156”, $19/each (hangs to floor)


Table Skirts

5′, 7′ & 8′ $16/each • 13′ $20/each

Clips included.  Please Count Clips! On return, any missing clips, $1 per missing clip


Cocktail Tables, Standing

Wind Resistant Vinyl Covers $6.75-7.75/each

90″ $13 ( 3/4 down)

120″ $19 (to floor) – Sash $1.00

Stretch Linens (standing cocktail tables only), $25/each




Please note: Linen pricing is based on Polyester linens.  Others fabrics are available, pricing will vary.  All linen orders are to be paid in full at time of order.  Sorry, there are no refunds for linens, including cancellations or date changes.  The linen company charges us in full regardless of any conditions including cancellations & date changes.  For Linens only, once ordered, NO refunds, NO exceptions.  Customer is fully responsible for any lost linens.  Should any linen be missing upon return, you will be billed for the cost of the linen.  



Fill & Chill Table

a.      Fill & Chill Table Only, $40                                                      b.     Fill & Chill Table with Extension Plexiglass, $64

c.      Fill & Chill Table with Table Skirt, $64                                d.     Fill & Chill with Table Skirt & Extension Plexiglass, $82

Fill n Chill Table

Fill & Chill Dimensions:

Outside 73” x 31” x 6 ½” Depth
Inside 69” x 29” x 3 ½” Well Depth


Chairs’ Selection

All White Chairs only




Chair with Cover


Padded Resin Chair, Premium



Hi-Top Chairs


Bridal, Baby, Wedding Chair



Children’s chairs, Assorted Colors, Premium


birthday thrones

Blue Throne 1Red Throne 2Red Throne 1

Red or Blue Chairs, $75 (Comes with small blower)

Bars 4′  or 6′, Black or White: $75/each


Tiki Bar 3, colors with umbrella

Tiki Bar only

(with umbrella when

wind conditions allow)


(2 Stools, Add $25)




Wedding Seating

8′ Banquet w/Chaffing Dishes

*Any rental delivery under $100 has $60 minimum delivery
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