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Pricing based on a 1-day rental

We take great pride in the cleanliness of all our Tents, Tables, Chairs & all the rest of our rental Equipment.

Residential Pricing.  All Commercial Pricing is $1/sq. ft.


●Delivery additional based on location●


Same Day Set Up & Take Down/Public Venues Additional

Free Site Survey & Tent  Layout with event booking.

Pricing for Tents only on grass installation with stakes.  Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Sidewalls, Heaters, Dance Floors, etc. listed separately. 

Package Pricing available

Winter Tenting: Heaters, Sidewalls, Propane additional

⇒ If Weights are required for Deck/Patio/blacktop installations, that is an additional fee

Residential Pricing.  All Commercial Pricing is $1/sq. ft.



Mr. Happy Party Rentals Tent Availability:
Canopy Tents Available: April 16 – September 1
Frame Tents only for safety: September 2-April 15

Winter Tenting: Heaters, Sidewalls, Propane additional

checkMust be set up on all grass checkHave Center Pole(s)

20’x20’ Canopy Tent (32-40 guests)

20x20 pole tent

$295- not available

20’x30’ Canopy Tent (48-60 guests)

20x30 pole tent

$375-not available

20’x40’ Canopy Tent (64-80 guests)

20x40 Canopy Tent with cook tent

$475-not available

Frame Tents: (Year Round; Side Walls Available/Additional)

checkCan be put up on all surfaces; Grass, Blacktop, Concrete, Decks, Patio’s, etc

checkMetal Frame built supporting tent, upgrade from canopy tent

checkClear open span under the tent

10’x10’ Frame Tent



10’x30’ Frame Tent



15’x25’ Frame Tent



20’x20’ Frame Tent (32-40guests)

Frame Tent 20x20 on deck



20’x50’ Frame Tent (80-100 guests)



30’x40’ Frame Tent 

(96-120 guests)

$975 (1 tent)


20’x20′ High Peak Frame Tent


10’x15’ Frame Tent (8-10 guests)



15’x15’ Frame Tent (24 guests)




15’x30’ Frame Tent (48 guests)

$595 (1 tent)


20’x30’ Frame Tent (48-60 guests)



20×60’ Frame Tent (96-120 guests)

$895 (1 tent)


30’x50’ Frame Tent 

(120-150 guests)



Wedding Arch/Arbor

$95 (tulle not included)

10’x20’ Frame Tent(16-20 guests)

10x20 tent with Staging

$325 (1 tent)


15’x20’ Frame Tent(30 guests)



15’x40’ Frame Tent

$795 (1 tent)


20’x40’ Frame Tent (64-80guests)

Frame Tent 20x40 with skirts

$595 (1 tent)


30’x30’ Frame Tent (72-90guests)



30’x60’ Frame Tent 

(144-180 guests)

$1695 (1 tent)


Pop Up Tents 



Carnival Tents: $125, For more inquiries, Call (732) 462-7799

Carnival Tent for web carnival tents,3

Tent Accessories:

checkLights: $30-$150 depending on size of tent


checkSide Walls: All White, $1.50/linear ft. – Windows & Clear, $2.50/linear ft.


checkGutters: $2/liner ft. 


Tent Heaters – 80,000 & 85,000 BTU’s, $165 for the heater and thermostat. (propane additional, 100 lb. tank required for heaters.)  You may provide your own 100lb. tank or $125 for ours.) 

80,000 & 85,000 BTU Heaters,  $275 when rented without our tent.

170,000 BTU’s heater, $225.  $350 when rented without our tent.


∗Tent Leg Covers w/ Skirts, $30/leg.  Skirts or Leg Covers only, $20/leg.



 checkStaging, 8’x6’ sections, $100/each.  1’or 2’ height. 

∗Skirting and steps additional. Skirting, Black or White only, $2/linear ft., Steps, $20



Dance Floors

Under our tents only

Dance Floor Pricing

Under our tents only

Misting Tent

Tent Leg Covers & Skirts

Tent Leg Covers & Skirts

Fan, 30” Oscillating



30″ Drum Fan Industrial 2 Speed


Misting Fan, 30” Oscillating



Patio Heater, 46,000 BTU


$125 with propane 

Misting Fan, Bucket Top



Exit Sign with Emergency Flood Lights


***Same Day Set up/Take Down, Public Venues additional

[Click any image below to view the slideshow]

  • 10x20 tent with Staging
    Tents, ten by ten at beach

    pop up tent, $95
  • 20x30 pole tent
    Frame Tent 20x40 with skirts
    20x20 pole tent
    20x20 tent w sides
  • 20x30 tent with sides
    Frame Tent 20x20 on deck
    Tent on deck with bounce email
    libery state park 1
  • libery state park 2
    Libery state park, 3
    Tent gallery, 20x40 Frame Tent with leg covers and leg skirts
    20x40 Canopy Tent with cook tent
  • Staging with skirt
    Staging, Band
    tent heater
  • Umbrella
    30x60 Frame Tent with wedding chairs set up
    Photo booth with people
  • Dance Floor 18x18, Balloon Arch
    10x15 Frame Tent
    Rodeo 2
  • IMG_3690
    Crohn's 2
    15x20 Frame Tent Red & Blue Decorations
    Fill & Chill Red Skirt
  • Cocktail Tables, Stretch White
    Movie Screen at night 2
    fram tent- 30 x50
    Frame Tent, 30x30
  • Red Carpet with Red Ropes
    Stork, Its a Girl! Lawn Ornament
    Cotton Candy with Cart and Carrie
    Hot Dog Cart, Rolling






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