Happy Tent Rentals

All Pricing on this page is for TENTS ONLY

Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Sidewalls, Heaters, Dance Floors, etc. listed separately. 

Package Pricing available on Tent Packages Page

Pricing based on a 1-day rental on grass with stakes.  If weights or additional time are required, additional fee may apply

We take great pride in the cleanliness of all our Tents, Tables, Chairs & all the rest of our rental Equipment.

Residential Pricing.  Commercial Pricing may differ

                   Long Term Rentals Available.  Ask about Long Term Pricing


●Delivery additional based on location●


Same Day Set Up & Take Down/Public Venues Additional

Free Site Survey & Tent  Layout with event booking.

Winter Tenting: Heaters, Sidewalls, Propane additional

⇒ If Weights are required for Deck/Patio/blacktop safe installations, that is an additional fee



For Safety, additional usable space and beauty, we now currently only offer Frame Tents.  Please scroll down to see our clean Frame Tents.

Winter Tenting: Heaters, Sidewalls, Propane additional

checkMust be set up on all grass checkHave Center Pole(s)

20’x20’ Canopy Tent (32-40 guests)

20x20 pole tent

$295- not currently available

Please see our Frame Tents Below

20’x30’ Canopy Tent (48-60 guests)

20x30 pole tent

$375-not currently available

Please see our Frame Tents Below

20’x40’ Canopy Tent (64-80 guests)

20x40 Canopy Tent with cook tent

$475-not currently available

Please see our Frame Tents Below

Frame Tents 

(Side Walls Available, additional)

checkCan be put up on all surfaces; Grass, Blacktop, Concrete, Decks, Patio’s, etc

checkMetal Frame built supporting tent, upgrade from canopy tent

checkClear open span under the tent

checkClear Top Tents available.  Pricing is approx. 1/3 additional.  Please ask for specific pricing.


10’x10’ Frame Tent



10’x30’ Frame Tent

$499 (1 Tent)


15’x25’ Frame Tent

$550 (1 Tent)


20’x20’ Frame Tent (32-40guests)

Frame Tent 20x20 on deck



20’x50’ Frame Tent (80-100 guests)

$789 (1 Tent)


30’x40’ Frame Tent 

(96-120 guests)

$1050 (1 tent)


20’x20′ High Peak Frame Tent


10’x15’ Frame Tent (8-10 guests)



15’x15’ Frame Tent (24 guests)




15’x30’ Frame Tent (48 guests)

$625 (1 tent)


20’x30’ Frame Tent (48-60 guests)



20×60’ Frame Tent (96-120 guests)

$950 (1 tent)


30’x50’ Frame Tent 

(120-150 guests)

$1,475 (1 Tent)


Wedding Chuppah

$395 (Frame & Drapes only)

10’x20’ Frame Tent(16-20 guests)

10x20 tent with Staging

$340 (1 tent)


15’x20’ Frame Tent(30 guests)



15’x40’ Frame Tent

$835 (1 tent)


20’x40’ Frame Tent (64-80guests)

Frame Tent 20x40 with skirts

$650 (1 tent)


30’x30’ Frame Tent (72-90guests)



30’x60’ Frame Tent 

(144-180 guests)

$1699 (1 tent)


Pop Up Tents 



Carnival Tents: $150, For more inquiries, Call (732) 462-7799

Carnival Tent for web carnival tents,3

Tent Accessories:

checkLights: $40-$200 depending on size of tent


checkSide Walls: All White, $2.00/linear ft. – Windows & Clear, $2.60/linear ft.


checkGutters: $2/liner ft. 


Tent Heaters

80,000 & 85,000 BTU’s heaters with thermostats:

$175 when rented with our tent, $250 without our tent. (propane additional, 100 lb. tank required for heaters.)  You may provide your own 100lb. tank or $125 for ours.) 

170,000 BTU’s heaters with thermostats:

$275 when rented with our tents, $350 without our tent. (propane additional, 100 lb. tank required for heaters.)  You may provide your own 100lb. tank or $125 for ours.) 


∗Tent Leg Skirts, $30/leg.  

White Sash included.  Custome colored sash additional



 checkStaging, 8’x6’ sections, $125/each.  1’or 2’ height. 

∗Skirting and steps additional. Skirting, Black or White only, $2/linear ft., Steps, $25



Dance Floors

Under our tents only

Dance Floor Pricing

Under our tents only

Misting Tent

Tent Leg Covers & Skirts

Tent Leg Covers & Skirts

Fan, 30” Oscillating



30″ Drum Fan Industrial 2 Speed


Misting Fan, 30” Oscillating



Patio Heater, 46,000 BTU


 20lb. propane Tank, $30 additional

Misting Fan, Bucket Top



Exit Sign with Emergency Flood Lights


***Same Day Set up/Take Down, Public Venues additional

[Click any image below to view the slideshow]

  • 10x20 tent with Staging
    Tents, ten by ten at beach

    pop up tent, $95
  • 20x30 pole tent
    Frame Tent 20x40 with skirts
    20x20 pole tent
    20x20 tent w sides
  • 20x30 tent with sides
    Frame Tent 20x20 on deck
    Tent on deck with bounce email
    libery state park 1
  • libery state park 2
    Libery state park, 3
    Tent gallery, 20x40 Frame Tent with leg covers and leg skirts
    20x40 Canopy Tent with cook tent
  • Staging with skirt
    Staging, Band
    tent heater
  • Umbrella
    30x60 Frame Tent with wedding chairs set up
    Photo booth with people
  • Dance Floor 18x18, Balloon Arch
    10x15 Frame Tent
    Rodeo 2
  • IMG_3690
    Crohn's 2
    15x20 Frame Tent Red & Blue Decorations
    Fill & Chill Red Skirt
  • Cocktail Tables, Stretch White
    Movie Screen at night 2
    fram tent- 30 x50
    Frame Tent, 30x30
  • Red Carpet with Red Ropes
    Stork, Its a Girl! Lawn Ornament
    Cotton Candy with Cart and Carrie
    Hot Dog Cart, Rolling






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